Three Is Company

Following the increasing popularity of the television show MTV Unplugged during the 1990s, acoustic (though in most cases still electrically amplified) performances by musicians who usually rely on electronic instruments became commonly referred to as "unplugged" performances. And today CMT's acoustic music series Unplugged showcases the work of today's top country artists and introduces the stars of tomorrow. During our monthly appearance at The Ranch we dedicate a portion of our 1st set to not only show off the variety of instuments in unplugged fashion, but do what we are known to do best... harmonize.

Friday night we had the opportunity to scale down our 6 piece band to 3 at Disneyland's Big Thunder Ranch. This was a reminder of the special sounds a stripped down trio can really bring. With nothing but raw vocals and unplugged instruments, there's no place to hide. My bassist Cliff Saunders and guitar player Art Holland's single acoustic instuments were pickin' the perfect melodies for our three part harmony that led the guests to "whistle a happy tune."

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